Structural Engineering


As structural engineers, our work includes design and peer review of the framework for supporting new buildings, additions, and modifications to existing structures, assessment and inspection of existing structures, and investigation of structural failures.

New Buildings & Additions

We appreciate the opportunity to help Owners and Architects realize their vision from the ground up, and we are committed to taking a careful but open-minded approach to structural design. We challenge ourselves to find thoughtful solutions that achieve the desired function and aesthetic, while keeping an eye on practical matters such as cost and constructability.

Renovation & Rehabilitation

We welcome the challenges of integrating new and old. Whether our client’s vision includes honoring and preserving historic structures or efficiently utilizing existing construction as a platform for building anew, we are dedicated to identifying and embracing the opportunities and benefits presented by the fourth dimension…time.

Investigations & Expert Witness

When problems do arise, our experienced team of licensed engineers and investigators assist clients by working diligently and methodically to gather detailed information, and then analyzing the data and applying our expertise to determine what went wrong. Our well-qualified team assists clients in developing effective and comprehensive solutions to these problems and can provide expert witness testimony for their case.

Condition Assessment &
Structural Analysis

We perform structural condition assessments to identify potential problems so that they can be avoided or addressed before they get out of hand. Our goal in performing condition assessments is to equip our clients with the valuable information that they need to make informed decisions about the purchase, sale, maintenance and repair of existing buildings and structures. We perform structural analyses to determine whether existing building structures can safely support new or existing structural loads related to proposed changes to equipment or building use requirements.