Building Envelope


Our building envelope consulting work encompasses design and peer review of roofing and facades for new and existing buildings, facade ordinance inspections, and investigation / testing to identify and diagnose leaks and other problems.

Envelope Design & Peer Review:
New Buildings

Whether we are working as an envelope subconsultant to our Architect clients, or peer reviewing an envelope design on behalf of a Building Owner or contractor, we understand the importance of the building envelope’s role as a filter between interior and exterior environments, and we strive to achieve envelope designs that are practical, durable, code-complaint, and accomplish the project’s aesthetic objectives. If you are a building owner or an architect in search of a second opinion before you or your client makes a significant investment in building envelope work, we also offer peer review services that can help give you peace of mind.

Envelope Repairs & Rehabilitation:
Existing Buildings

When Building Owners and Property Managers need assistance identifying the scope and nature of necessary repairs and maintenance items, designing technical aspects of the work, helping to establish budgets, finding qualified contractors, and prioritizing and planning for the project, our dedicated staff members answer the call with decades of experience and attention to detail. We value appropriate stewardship of buildings, we understand that no solution is the right fit for all clients and situations, and we strive to help our clients make each dollar count.

Condition Assessments & Façade Ordinance Inspections

We help Building Owners and Property Managers identify hazards and envelope conditions so that they can be addressed, often as part of a normal maintenance program, before they become much larger problems. We employ access methods and inspection techniques that are appropriate to the building type and conditions being observed. Our work on taller structures often includes close-up visual inspection using aerial lifts, swing staging, and industrial rope access techniques.

Investigation, Testing, Monitoring
& Expert Witness

We help Building Owners and Property Managers resolve envelope problems, including air and water leaks, cracks, movement, moisture, material failures and deterioration. With in-depth knowledge of material behavior and building science, we perform detailed investigations to positively identify the root causes of observed symptoms. Our work often includes water testing, non-destructive testing, selective probing / sampling and laboratory analysis, temperature / humidity testing and monitoring, and movement monitoring. Our goal is to investigate methodically and efficiently to gather information that can serve as the basis for developing solutions and / or providing expert witness testimony.