Construction Engineering


Our construction engineering services include design of temporary support systems and development of structural excavation plans (SEPs) to support environmental remediation and other construction activities, analysis of temporary loadings, structural monitoring and testing services, and preparation of structural designs / calculations for various construction materials.

Temporary Support Systems &
Structural Excavation Plans

We design temporary support systems and develop structural excavation plans (SEPs) that allow Environmental Remediation Contractors and Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) to remove contaminated soils and materials from beneath and around adjacent buildings and other structures. These challenging projects often operate at a fast pace and require an engineering presence on site so that decisions can be made about whether additional excavation can be performed without undermining or destabilizing existing building structures. Our approach is a careful one, designing support systems that reduce the likelihood of building movement and then monitoring for movement during load transfers. Our goal is to help LSPs and Environmental Contractors achieve their objective of reaching site closure by designing structural support plans and systems that allow for maximum removal of contaminated materials without putting personnel at risk or comprising the structural integrity of the subject building.

Analysis of Temporary Loadings

When circumstances require temporary loading of existing buildings or structures to allow structural repairs or other work to be performed, our team of experienced structural engineers can analyze the effects of these loads, develop load transfer procedures, and monitor structural behavior throughout the process.

Structural Monitoring / Testing

We provide custom structural monitoring and testing services to support our design and analysis work. Lack of information about how a structure is behaving under current conditions or will behave when subjected to design forces can limit one’s ability to develop efficient structural designs or to make streamlined recommendations for addressing building conditions and construction operations. We perform structural testing and monitoring to fill these “information gaps.”